Patyčių dėžutė ens

About us

“Create Lithuania” is the first and still the only programme for professional development and the applicability of best foreign practices to Lithuania. Since 2012, “Create Lithuania” has been annually inviting professionals to contribute towards shaping the future of modern Lithuania with their knowledge and ideas.
“Create Lithuania” project managers Kamila Gasinska and Laura Varslauskaitė, working together with Ministry of Education, Science and Sport  decided to create „Patyčių dėžutė“. It is a platform designed to safely and anonymously report acts of bullying.  The original version of the platform was tested at 6 Lithuanian schools. During the three-month pilot study, as many as 90 reports of bullying and other misconduct were received.
The main goals of the developers are to enable every student, teacher or parent to safely and anonymously report acts of violence, bullying or other school-safety concerns, help get necessary assistance and to increase the effectiveness of interventions taken to stop future cases. 
Following the successful completion of the pilot project, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and “Create Lithuania” project managers decided to expand the project, create a more convenient "Patyčių dėžutė" and invite all motivated Lithuanian schools to join the initiative.
Let's create Lithuania together!